Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SEO - Unique Content is the King

Content is mainly includes what you see on the site: the text, graphics and even links to outer world. I would condemn using too much graphics because they are not Search Engine Friendly plus users feel frustration when they get downloaded specially over a slow netwrok.

Thousands of articles, books and forum entry details how to create your site search engine friendly, but finally, one rule stands above the rest: Content is king. But I will declare this rule is long-ago now and I would like to say Unique, high-quality, unduplicated content is the king.

Superior the value of your content, the higher the ranking you obtain, larger the traffic you achieve and greater the popularity of your website. Search engines like better superior quality sites in their index and search results.

A relevant, fresh, and timely content is vital to attracting and keeping visitors to your web pages. It will help you both draw traffic from search engines and create viewers loyalty.

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