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Top 7 Tips For Apartment Hunting in Chennai

The do's and don'ts of apartment hunting in Chennai. Quick, helpful and relevant tips to make the search that much easier and less frustrating.

Depending on where you’re looking in Chennai, apartment hunting can be an actual nightmare. Not to worry the nightmare always ends-most of the time! This is a follow up to our more general article, apartments in Chennai.

Here are the top 7 Tips To Make Apartment Hunting In Chennai That Much Easier:

  1. If You Like it Take It!-If you find something you like on day one or two of the search, don’t wait. The tendency is to ‘sleep on it’ and think you’ll find something better but chances are you won’t and if you leave it-it’ll go. The good ones go fast!
  2. Call Don’t Email-People in Chennai aren’t attached to their computers and their email. By the time they pick up your email the apartment may very well be rented. Call and ask for a time that you can see it. (buy a lot of phone credit)
  3. Be Flexible about EVERYTHING!-This mostly applies to those without the ‘money tree’ in their backyard. If you can’t afford to pay a lot, you must be flexible. Take all ideas of what you had in mind for an apartment and erase them! Then decide what’s most important to you. Location, living alone, cleanliness, space, natural light, price etc… The last few things on the list will probably have to be compromised as it’s incredibly hard to find everything you want in an apartment in Chennai. Be open to having a roommate if you want a nicer and cheaper place, be open to living in a small space if you want to live in the centre of town.
  4. Think outside The Box-So you’ve found a great flat for two people but you’re short a body - you have options! If you don’t have a roommate but have found a great place, take it, put an ad on the internet, chances are it’ll be rented within the day or within the next day. Most one bedroom apartments are very expensive, older and not as nice.
  5. Make Nights Available-Most agencies and landlords will ask you to come between 5-8PM so prepare to be available during the nights when you start the search. (Sundays are useless people barely check email or answer their phones. Get up Monday morning at 9AM, make the calls, take a siesta from 2-5 then go for it)
  6. Embrace the Agencies-A concept that might seem foreign to many as it seems ridiculous to pay someone for finding you an apartment and most people try to avoid them, but it is almost impossible to rent an apartment without going through an agency. You can try to boycott the apartment agencies but some apartments you find on Internet sites are tied to agencies anyway (even when they say it’s through the owner). Agencies also tend to have the newer and nicer apartments.
  7. Ask For What You Want-Just because the ad on the internet specifies a certain price and specific dates, doesn’t always mean the owner and/or agency are set in their ways. If you want something particular, if you want to lower the rent, extend the contract, put furniture in an unfurnished place don’t be afraid to ask! People are usually open to suggestions and bottom line is that they want to rent their apartments. You may not get anywhere if you ask, then again you just might!

Luxury Apartments: Introduction To Luxurious Living

It is the dream of every individual to live in a luxurious apartment but only a few are lucky ones live their dreams.

Luxury apartments are becoming increasingly popular due to amazing style attached to them. World class furnishings, hi-tech appliances and community features like health clubs, swimming pools and entertainment facilities not only make life easier but also fill you with positivity. These kids of apartments are getting better everyday with stylish designs, finest furniture, interior features like high ceilings, over-sized tubs and hi-tech networking capabilities. With technology at its peak, it is the best time to experience luxurious living.

There is much more to luxury apartments than just huge spaces with good looking interiors and beautiful outdoors. Today, the luxurious apartments are about smart living. Thoughtfully planned and carefully built to offer you a fresh alternative living environment, apartments are a better way to enjoy life. Now days, developers realize the importance of offering entertainment and dining facilities to its residents better than ever before, that is why good apartments have a lot of stadiums and dining facilities nearby. While purchasing a luxury apartment, one must be keeping in mind the location of your apartment. It should be ideally located to offer you day to day convenience in traveling.

When renting/buying apartments, one must choose from many options carefully. The best apartment homes have schools, pet care facilities, shopping complex and health care facilities nearby. Having these facilities ensures that you save a lot of time which you would have wasted in traveling. A luxurious apartment with a superb location has so much to offer to its residents and has other benefits as well like beautiful scenery, good neighborhood and communities. When it comes to happy living, quality matters the most. These types of apartments are truly the right way to start living a stylish and easy life.

Living at an apartment in a luxury complex is truly a unique and luxurious experience. Well planned interiors, beautiful outdoors, high tech security systems & entertainment, health care facilities are just a few of the advantages they have to offer. Modern luxury homes are truly the way to experience a luxurious living.

Vijay Shanthi Builders launches ‘Park Avenue’- Luxury Apartments

Vijay Shanthi, South India's leading real estate developer launches Park Avenue its latest offering in the lifestyle homes segment. The luxury apartments are located on the main road in Kandigai, Kelambakkam. The project houses 536 apartments of 490 to 2275 sq feet each.

Park Avenue a residential project by Vijay Shanthi in Chennai. Vijay Shanthi Park Avenue is spread over an area of 5 Acres area. The project consists of 536 apartments offering 1, 2 3 BHK and Row & Pent houses. Park Avenue is Stilt plus 9 floors structure with excellent amenities such as Swimming pool, Club House with Indoor game, Shopping complex, Creche, Tennis court, Health Club, Gym and lots more to enjoy.

The apartments come packed with fine accessories and trimmings and offer the ultimate pride of ownership and phase-I all sold in a day. The company's high concern and care for the environment is reflected in the project with their intensive efforts to convert the area around the apartments into a green belt.

Vijay Shanthi Builders are pioneers in constructing well-planned life style apartments in different parts of Chennai. Vijay Shanthi homes are designed to answer the needs of one's lifestyle commands for a complete and relaxed environment for living. All the flats are majestic, well-designed, spacious and comfortable and reflect nothing but a princely lifestyle. Every project that is conceived provides great standards of sophistication and style which the connoisseurs of good living will appreciate; nothing but the best can be expected from these architectural marvels.

Park Avenue is located at No. 3, Vengadamangalam Road, Kandigai, Kelambakkam. Please contact +91-44-4443 0000 or 97898 51111 for enquiries about the project.

Vijay Shanthi Builders builds on robust Q1 result

Vijay Shanthi Builders builds on robust Q1 result

Vijay Shanthi Builders gained 1.17% to Rs 39 at 11:20 IST on BSE, after net profit jumped 319.51% to Rs 1.72 crore on 207.48% surge in net sales to Rs 26.32 crore in Q1 June 2010 over Q1 June 2009.

The company declared its results after market hours on Thursday, 5 August 2010.
Meanwhile, the BSE Sensex was up 26.23 points, or 0.14% at 18,199.06.

On BSE, 8,176 shares were traded in the counter as against an average daily volume of 19,542 shares in the past one quarter.

The stock hit a high of Rs 40 and a low of Rs 39 so far during the day. The stock had hit a 52-week high of Rs 55.90 on 5 January 2010 and a 52-week low of Rs 22.50 on 13 August 2009.

The small-cap stock had outperformed the market over the past one month till 5 August 2010, gaining 15.94% as compared to the Sensex's return of 4.19%. It had underperformed the market in the past one quarter, declining 10.76% as compared to the Sensex's 6.35% rise.

The company has an equity capital of Rs 12.69 crore. Face value per share is Rs 10.

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