Saturday, January 29, 2011

SEO - Content Writing (Copy Writing)

SEO Content Writing (also referred as SEO Copy Writing) involves the process of integrating keywords and informative phrases which make up the real content of your website.

While writing your web page content following guidelines may help you in keeping it better than others.

  • The content should be directed for the specified target audience.
  • Keyword density is strictly adhered as per search engine rule.
  • Titles should always be eye-catchers, compelling your visitors to read on and want what you have to offer in your website.
  • Don't use confusing and difficult language. Use small statements to make your content more understandable.
  • Keep your web pages short and don't put all the content on a single page.
  • Split your web page content also into short paragraphs.
Other advantages of having great content:

It’s not only SEO you have to think about, but also many factors will make your web site popular.

  • If your website is having something really unique then people would like to suggest it to their friends.
  • Other webmasters would like to make a link of your site on thier sites
  • Your site visitors will start trusting on your site and they will look forward for the next content and will keep coming again and again.
  • Assuming you have been listed out by any Search Engine but net surfer will click only that page whose content snippet would look more unique and interesting.

SEO - Unique, High-Quality Content

When people visit a Website for information, they want your unique roll on a topic. How is your material or content unique? Is that uniqueness obvious and simple to find and to understand? Visitors want unique, high-quality site contend. It’s not only your home page content but also all the related pages should have valuable and easy to understand content.

Now a day’s search engines have become very smart and they are able to understand complete grammar and complete phrase. So while ranking a page against other then it matters how rich content is available on a page.

Sites with duplicated, syndicated or free content, who get given red flags by the Search Engines.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SEO - Unique Content is the King

Content is mainly includes what you see on the site: the text, graphics and even links to outer world. I would condemn using too much graphics because they are not Search Engine Friendly plus users feel frustration when they get downloaded specially over a slow netwrok.

Thousands of articles, books and forum entry details how to create your site search engine friendly, but finally, one rule stands above the rest: Content is king. But I will declare this rule is long-ago now and I would like to say Unique, high-quality, unduplicated content is the king.

Superior the value of your content, the higher the ranking you obtain, larger the traffic you achieve and greater the popularity of your website. Search engines like better superior quality sites in their index and search results.

A relevant, fresh, and timely content is vital to attracting and keeping visitors to your web pages. It will help you both draw traffic from search engines and create viewers loyalty.

Unitech Imaging

Unitech Systems
Established in the year 1999, Unitech Imaging Systems, is a young and promising company engaged in distribution and supplying of a wide assortment of office automation systems.

Unitech Mission is to be known and trusted by our customers to deliver top quality office supplies contracting and technology services. Through trust and commitment, we build win-win relationships with our partners and vendors. To our employees, Unitech creates an honest, creative, enjoyable and rewarding environment. And to our Shareholders, Unitech consistently delivers revenue growth and profitability.


Multizone Company

Multizone Company
Multi zone is one of the Fastest Growing company who is keen interested in the safety and security of the people. With diversity as the key growth, we have established in domains of Electronics security systems and unified communications solutions.

Multi Zone is a diverse group with presence in multiple business streams. We offer unique and variety of products and services that are totally enterprising.


Power Track - Call Taxi & Travels

power track travels
It was in June 2003, Power Track Travels was established by Mr.K.Shanmugam @ Samson. He started the travels with a vision to provide Indian travelers, world class comforts and luxury at affordable rates. Power Track travels ensure that College, friendship tours are always memorable and exciting offering clients best comforts beyond their expectations.

People even forget to take breaths nowadays in their busy schedule. We understand and value their time, hence take care of their Bus, Train and Flight ticketing ensuring schedules on the track.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SEO - Web Page Title Optimization

Hope you value the meaning of HTML TITLE tag which is put within head tag. The page title (not to be confused with the heading for a web page) is what is displayed in the title bar of your browser window, and is also what is displayed when you bookmark a web page or add it to your browser Favorites.

This is the one place on a page where your keywords MUST be there. Correct use of keywords in the title of every page of your website is very important to Google - particularly for the home page.

The title shouldn't consist of much more than about 9 words or 60 characters, with your keywords used at the very beginning of the title. Since Google is looking for suitable keywords in the title, this means you should NOT include your company name in the title unless your company name is very well-known.

Improper or absent use of titles in web pages will keep more websites out of top rankings on Google than any other issue except perhaps for a be short of relevant content on a page or a lack of value links from other websites that point to your site.

Best Practices for Creating Web Page Titles:

Here are some good practices you should follow for creating titles on web pages:

  • Each page should have a unique title.
  • If practical, try to include your Primary Keyword Phrase in every title of every page.
  • Begin the title of your home page with your Primary Keyword Phrase, followed by your best Secondary Keyword Phrases.
  • Use more specific variations to your Primary Keyword Phrase on your specific product, service, or content pages.
  • If you must include your company name, put it at the end of the title.
  • Use the best form, plural or singular, for your keywords based on what WordTracker says is searched on more often.
  • Don't overdo it - don't repeat your keywords more than 2 - 3 times in the title
  • Make sure the tag is the first element in the section of your page - this makes it easier to find by Google.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ACE Kreamers

The art of espresso for coffee machine and espresso machine.

ACE Kreamers, leading edge espresso solutions, bring together global knowledge and local professional advice to take the guesswork out of making great "cafe quality" coffee.


Coffee Vending Machine
Cream Whipper
Commercial Blenders

Saturday, January 8, 2011

SEO - Web Design and Layout

A website design and layout gives first impression about your web site. There are sites which are too visualize and regular net surfers will just reach on those sites and will come out even without creating a single click.

Search Engines are extremely smart but after all they are software and not human being who will read the content of their attention. If you make your site too difficult then Search Engine would not be able to parse the content of your site correctly and finally indexing would not be well-organized which will result in a low rank.

The actual page content should have a keyword density of about 10% and should weigh in at about 200 words - but there are as numerous opinions about this as there are SEO experts. Some shout keyword density should be 5% and some say it should be 20%. 10% works for me.

Here are few guiding principle which should be considered while designing a web page.

  • You should have more text content than HTML elements.
  • No frames. They are the enemies of Search Engines and Search Engines are Enemies of Frames.
  • No ads if possible. Because most of the ads uses Java Script which is not advised to be used.
  • No JavaScript. If you need JavaScript, call it from an external file rather than dumping the code in the HTML file. JavaScript drop down menus prevent spiders from crawling beyond your homepage. If you use them, be sure to include text links at the bottom of the page.
  • Nothing that does not fit perfectly into the page topic; There should be no doubt in the search engine's mind (or in he user's mind) what your page is about.
  • No unnecessary directories. Keep your files as close to the root as possible.
  • No fancy stuff (Flash, Splash, Animated Gifs, Rollovers etc.) unless absolutely necessary.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Vijay Shanthi Builders

Dedicated & General building promoters based in Chennai, serving the South India and beyond.

For over two decades, Chennai, South India's largest City has witnessed a dramatic transformation in it's people's lifestyle. We, at Vijay Shanthi Builders have been privileged to play a constructive role in this mammoth evolutionary exercise. We are a professionally managed company that has placed client satisfaction above all else. We have a commitment to excellence that greets our customers at the doors of every Vijay Shanthi home, each day of the year.


Residential Apartments
Building Promoter

Mindscreen Film Institute

Mindscreen Film Institute is India’ premier Film school specializing in Cinematography, Screenwriting and Film Making.

IMAGINE.THINK.CREATE is the Institute’s core philosophy.

Mindscreen Film Institute was founded by Rajiv Menon, an acclaimed Indian cinematographer and filmmaker in the Indian Advertising and Movies industry. The Film Institute draws upon decades of experience and success of Rajiv Menon and his film productions and equipment rental company, Mindscreen.


Film School
Film Institute

Thursday, January 6, 2011

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