Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rich snippets

Normally, HTML markup is used for displaying content in a web  browser. “Rich snippets” are a format of HTML that allow you to  carefully define pieces of information within a web page so that search  engines and other programs know what the heck the data is good for.

Here’s an example of how you might normally introduce yourself:
<p>Hi there! My name is Shyam! Nice to meet you.</p>
Using Rich Snippets, we can tell search engines who I am using code like this:
<p>Hi there! My name is <span itemprop="name">Shyam</span>! Nice to meet you.</p>
You  can define scores of items like logos, birthdays, product IDs, and  much, much more. But, today I’m really only interested in me…or at least  my standing as an author, so that my picture shows up prominently in  Google search results.