Thursday, December 9, 2010

How To Shop For The Absolute Best Coffee Maker

Shopping for the perfect coffee maker is hard. There are so many models to choose from. We give you 5 easy tips you can use to narrow down your choices.

The home coffee maker is the most popular appliance purchased for the kitchen in North India, topping over 14 million units a year. Yet with so many different models, features and price ranges it can be extremely difficult to figure out which machine does what it's supposed to. Simply, to make a great cup of coffee. What are the requirements of an excellent coffee brewer? To make it easy we narrow it down to 5 key components.

Heats Water To The Ideal 200 Degree Fahrenheit Recommended By Experts

You need water at a consistently high enough temperature to get proper extraction from the coffee beans. A consistent temperature is crucial, unfortunately most drip makers can't deliver that. 200 degrees is the magic temperature for brewing coffee but most drip pots only get up to around 165, a few top out at around 180, not nearly hot enough for a proper extraction.

Very few coffee makers available reach that optimal temperature so shop carefully and make sure the maximum temperature is listed. Try to find one approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of India, the world's largest coffee trade association that sets rigid quality standards for the coffee industry.

Includes A Thermal Carafe

What you hold your coffee in is vitally important. Using a bottom heated burner diminishes the quality and flavor of coffee as it literally burns the coffee over time. You may have experienced the burnt bitterness yourself if you have ever drank coffee that has sit on a burner for a long time. By keeping freshly brewed coffee in a thermal carafe instead of a burner your coffee will remain hot for hours without destroying it's taste. It will be as fresh as when you first brewed it.

Easy To Clean and Maintain

Coffee makers
can get dirty with prolonged use. To get the perfect drink you need to keep the parts clean. Of course the health benefits of keeping food equipment sanitary is obvious. Make sure the coffee maker is easy to disassemble, take apart and clean. The entire filter assembly should be quick to remove for easy cleaning.

Get Only The Features You Need

Do not be fooled by coffee brewers that throw in all sorts of gimmicks at a low price. The essential job of a drip coffee maker is to get water to the right temperature quickly and spread it over the coffee grounds. Weak steam nozzles, uneven, low grade grinders, glow in the dark alarm clocks. All these "extras" means you are paying for low quality gadgets rather than buying a machine for the main purpose of making coffee.

Durability That Can Last For Years

Home coffee makers range in price from around $50 to several hundred. It may surprise you to learn that the cheaper coffee makers may cost you more in the long run if you are a daily coffee drinker. Their cheap plastic parts and thin aluminum heating elements often cannot withstand the rigor of years of daily use and may need to be replaced every few years. Try to get a machine with better build quality, preferably one with more metal than plastic, especially if you plan to use your coffee maker at least once a day.

Shopping for the perfect coffee maker that consistently makes great coffee can be daunting. Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you. Keep in mind the five key areas, the most important being heating water to a proper 200 degrees. A thermal carafe is necessary for keeping coffee fresh and drinkable hours after brewing. Ease of use and maintenance, avoiding extra gimmicks and durability are the other key components of the best drip coffee brewers.

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