Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Home Coffee Machine – 3 Key Things to Know Before You Buy!

Ensuring you get the best home coffee machine for your home will be much easier if you consider these three key points.

Getting that fresh morning coffee hit in your very own kitchen has never been easier. But which is the best home coffee machine for you? There are so many on the market now that making a decision can be really difficult.

Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Machine

  • Does it froth milk and make espresso coffee at the same time? You’ll find it less frustrating if you don’t have to wait ages for the machine to heat up to steam again after brewing.
  • Don’t be talked into making your first machine an expensive one. Espresso macines give you a lot of value at the cheaper end of the market, so use them to learn and then move onto a more expensive model if you want to.
  • Does it have programmable buttons? This is so you can set the levels of the espresso shot to the optimal 25ml, and let it do the work.

Café Coffees at Home

Enrolling in a barista course is a great investment and cuts out a lot of frustration. It will also ensure that you can get the most out of your new home coffee machine (and impress your friends). Surf the net for coffee schools in your area.

Grind your own coffee beans for pure freshness, but avoid cheap grinders with single blades (such as a food processor). They chop the bean rather than grind it. Look for a grinder that lets you adjust the grind size. For best results, keep your beans in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Try Making These Coffees

Once you have your coffee machine home and set up, have fun brewing a few of these:

  • Latte – a shot of espresso, steamed milk almost to the top of the cup and a small layer of milk froth
  • Cappuccino – this is similar to a latte but has a more generous layer of milk froth
  • Long black – a shot of espresso and the rest of the cup filled with hot water
  • Macchiato – a shot of espresso with just a drop of milk and froth. Macchiato is Italian for ‘marked’.
  • Flat white – a shot of espresso mixed with two thirds of hot milk with no froth.
  • Short black – this is also known as an Espresso, it is simply a straight shot of espresso served in a small cup. It is very popular in Europe.
  • Double espresso – two shots of espresso served with no milk or froth
  • Affogato – a delicious dessert you will be able to make at home by placing one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream into a bowl and pouring a shot of espresso over the top

Finding the best home coffee machine for you can be difficult and more than a little confusing, but if you keep in mind the points above, it should help you at least narrow down the options!

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